The music

The theatrical scenes are accompanied live by Bruno Bieri with Hang, vocals and alp horn. He supports the dramatisation with the eight tones of the Hang, and this scale is the starting point for the musical expedition. Lionius Treikauskas compositions bring colour into the open-air theatre. His leading string quintet and the five cellos ensure touching nuances. The D minor key runs through the topography of human existence like a bordun.

Treikauskas compositions has been specially written for this performance. It mirrors and interprets the story with musical means.

The first ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865 is marked by the meeting of two cultures in the flourishing Europe of the 19th century. The adventurers from London encounter the villagers of Zermatt. The music is intended to make this encounter audible. The few notes available on the Hang match the classical compositions for string quintet and five cellos, and this encounter creates a harmony that breaks new ground. In the spirit of the language of the theatre: Valais German meets British English - a summit meeting of spoken and sound cultures.

Composition: Lionius Treikauskas

Livemusic: Bruno Bieri